Technology Investment Curve: Mobility Edition

Mission and Focus

The CDW-G State & Local Government Technology Investment Curve is an assessment of public-sector purchasing behavior across all 50 states in the United States. The Curve provides an unbiased, objective assessment of purchasing behavior over four years for the purpose of:

  • Highlighting trends in State & Local government IT buying
  • Comparing technology investment behavior across all 50 states
  • Enabling State & Local IT customers to find similar or more progressive references to validate purchases or approaches
  • Providing an investment roadmap for CDW-G’s vendor partners to improve their approach to the State & Local government IT market
  • Enhancing the market dialogue by providing real information to government and industry decision makers

The Curve is based upon research from the Center for Digital Government and CDW-G sales data from 2003 to 2006. This is the fourth of several Technology Investment Curves, and focuses on mobility IT products.

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The Investment Curve

Lead Investors Early Investors Early Majority
State & Local governments that understand the value of technology and its impact on the business of government. Savvy technology practitioners that readily translate technology to mission value within the context of government. Proven technology leaders with a firm grounding in both technology and policy.
The investors:

  • Are cognizant of the risk-reward tradeoff, but tolerant of the risk and capable of managing it
  • Have legislative and/or political support for IT agenda
  • Have association or institutional support for IT education
  • Prioritize mobility expenditures across multiple product categories
The investors:

  • Constantly scan best practices and readily adopt as appropriate
  • Have legislative and/or political support for IT agenda
  • Have association, cross-agency organization or institutional support for IT expenditures
The investors:

  • Focus on technologies with proven success
  • Weigh the quality of the vendor equally with the quality of the technology

Results By State


CDW-G developed the curve based on the size, speed, depth and product category of State & Local government mobility technology purchases through CDW-G since 2003. The Curve examines data across all of the potential customers within a state including municipal, county and state-level government departments. To build the Curve, CDW-G:

  • Defined the universe of potential State & Local government customers
    • CDW-G worked with the Center for Digital Government to define the universe of possible customers at the state, county and city levels for every state
    • The research was based on a survey of governments and a state-by-state analysis
  • Examined its customer data
    • CDW-G examined purchase records for its several thousand State & Local government customers between 2003 and 2006
    • CDW-G customer analysis focused on four categories of mobility technology investments: wireless notebooks, Apple notebooks, non-wireless handhelds and wireless communication devices
  • Compared the State & Local government universe to customer data
    • CDW-G mapped its customer information to the universe of State & Local government agencies to assess depth and product category
    • CDW-G compared trends in each category between 2003 and 2006 to identify the Lead Investors, Early Investors and Early Majority in mobility technology

All government entities at the state, county and municipal levels are included in the assessment. The CDW-G State & Local Government Technology Investment Curve looks at all purchases within a state from all potential government customers to determine the investment ranking.

Incorporating several thousand data points from all 50 states, the CDW-G State & Local Government Technology Investment Curve has a margin of error of less than 2 percent.