CDW Report: 48 Percent of Businesses Increased Spending on Mobile Apps in 2014

Mobile appMobile applications are quickly demonstrating their value, allowing organizations to boost productivity, save time and cut costs. The promise of mobile apps is catching on, to the extent that the market for enterprise mobile apps is expected to reach $61 billion by 2018, according to the research firm Strategic Analytics.

To help understand corporate mobile app use, CDW released a new report, “The App Age: How Enterprises Use Mobile Applications.” The report shows that businesses are rapidly adopting mobile apps to support innovation, create business value and engage partners and customers in new and different ways.

“Mobility is changing the way work gets done. Companies of all sizes have discovered the value of mobile apps to increase productivity, and we’re starting to see the use of mobile apps to drive revenue growth and increase customer engagement and intimacy,” said Andrea Bradshaw, CDW vice president and general manager of mobility solutions.

Today, companies use more off-the-shelf than custom mobile apps – six off-the-shelf apps compared to five custom mobile apps, on average. Nearly 80 percent of businesses surveyed said they allow employees to use off-the-shelf mobile apps. But custom apps have the ability to deliver high business value because they are targeted at a company’s unique needs and aim to transform a processes.

Many businesses believe their custom mobile app investments already have produced tangible benefits by increasing efficiency (46 percent), increasing productivity (41 percent) and allowing employees to work remotely (39 percent). Further, they say their employees save 7.5 hours per week, on average, by using mobile apps.

Given these results, it’s no surprise that 48 percent of companies increased their app budgets in 2014 and that 42 percent of custom mobile app users planned to invest still more in new apps within 12 months.

Companies primarily use custom mobile apps to support communications (36 percent), sales support (35 percent), and data access (34 percent). But they are overlooking the potential to enhance other areas of work. Just 13 percent said they use custom mobile apps for vertical integration, and only 25 percent use them to support competitive advantage.

“Mobile apps already are helping many businesses cut costs, save time and boost efficiency, and are positioned to drive even greater benefits for business. It’s important to CDW to help companies use their mobile assets to drive innovation and new ways of doing things that create business outcomes and value,” Bradshaw said.

To learn more, visit and check out the full report and infographic.