CDW Mobility at Work Report

Mobility at Work Cover Graphic-webAs millions of workers bring their own mobile devices to work and connect to their employers’ networks, those devices further complicate already-complex computing systems. The BYOD phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges for IT professionals: empowering worker choice and productivity while protecting the organization’s network, data and assets.

CDW’s Mobility at Work Report surveyed employees using personal mobile devices for work and IT professionals overseeing employer networks to determine the key requirements for mobile security and success, as well as the best path to achieving total mobility management.

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Key Findings

  • IT professionals expect the number of personal smartphones and tablets accessing their networks to more than double in the next two years and have significant impact on their networks
  • Despite the opportunities and risks mobility presents organizations, only 37 percent have deployed or are deploying mobile device management solutions, and only 36 percent have deployed or are deploying mobile application management solutions
  • Many organizations are using only the most basic measures to secure mobile devices and their access to networks. While there are also other, more effective measures, their adoption is more complex and employees are uncomfortable with them
  • While IT has many concerns about mobile devices in the workplace, only half say they actually talk with users about how they use personal devices and what they want to do with them

Mobility Growing Pains

Looking ahead, nine out of 10 IT professionals expect the growth of personal mobile devices to have major impacts, primarily:*

Mobility Network Impacts_090613

*Respondents asked to select all that apply

Mind the Management Gap

Broad mobility programs require A-level support, but even IT says that is hard to provide:

Mobility Management Gaps_090613

Finding the Security Balance

BYODers: How comfortable would you be with your employer taking or requiring the following steps to secure your personal mobile device(s)?*

Mobility Management Tools_090613

*Full definitions provided to survey respondents

Managing the Future of Mobility

  • Planning:  Only half of IT professionals say their department actually speaks with users to understand how they use personal mobile devices – but that is essential to development of a mobile strategy and technology road map, data and device policies, security and network integration
  • Enabling:  Implement your policies through automated procurement, provisioning and deployment of devices, all integrated through a management portal tailored to your needs
  • Protecting:  Integrate security and real-time centralized management of your mobile devices, applications and content, with real-time monitoring and expense management
  • Supporting:  Live and self-service help desk service for end users, supporting employer- and employee-owned devices alike, as well as MDM administration
  • Empowering:  Enabling employee collaboration, productivity and efficiency with cross-platform integration, applications, browser-based access and virtualization


CDW surveyed* 1,200 IT professionals and 1,200 non-IT professionals who use a personal smartphone and/or tablet for work purposes at least once a week. The total sample for each group represents eight industries and equates to a margin of error of ±2.7% at a 95% confidence level. Individual industry samples equate to a margin of error of ±8.0% at a 95% confidence level.

*Research conducted by O’Keeffe & Company