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Cloud 401The cloud market has matured, and many IT professionals have moved well beyond the fundamentals of cloud computing. They are exploring advanced topics and taking a deeper dive into the art and science of cloud computing, covering details of migration, financial outcomes and barriers to further adoption.

As organizations increasingly leverage the cloud for enterprise workloads, they seek valuable best practices and strategies for implementation and management. CDW’s Cloud 401 Report surveyed more than 1,200 IT professionals with direct involvement in their organization’s cloud strategy to determine their successes, challenges and outlook for the future of cloud.

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Key Findings

  • More organizations are delivering the cloud services that they perceive as the easiest to transition – storage, email and Web hosting lead the pack, while fewer organizations deploy enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management/marketing services
  • IT decision makers have mixed feelings about the actual vs. perceived benefits of cloud computing, with flexibility, ease of administration and security having the biggest disparity
  • IT executives rate reliability the most important attribute for a cloud vendor, but 76 percent of organizations still say at least one cloud vendor has failed to meet their SLAs
  • Security remains the primary barrier to moving more services to the cloud; however, organizations still consider delivering approximately one in three new IT services via the cloud
  • Cloud implementations have streamlined, as respondents on average report that their first cloud implementation took 14 weeks, from start to finish, whereas subsequent implementations take only 10 weeks on average

State of the Cloud

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The Essential Role of IT

In the average cloud-subscribing organization, IT selects and manages only 73 percent of cloud services

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Migration/Integration is Key

Complexity of migration and integration proves to be IT’s top challenge, making IT’s role of enablement even more critical

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Calculating Costs – The Math is Complicated

Organizations struggle to make accurate financial forecasts, as the majority of models (53 percent) are off by more than 10 percent


Cloud Management Matters

  • Don’t overlook the importance of planning and preparing for migration and integration
  • Organizations need a platform with system diagnostics, along with properties and processes which are made to run seamlessly and without any concerns over privacy and speed of network transfers
  • Managed Services provide the full benefits of a cloud solution, without the complexity and concern of management:

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CDW surveyed* 1,204 IT professionals across eight industries with direct involvement in their organization’s cloud implementation in June 2014. The total sample equates to a margin of error of ±2.74% at a 95% confidence level. All respondents’ organizations have implemented cloud computing services as part of their IT strategy, and 100 percent of respondents participate directly in decision making on their organization’s implementation of cloud computing services.

*Research conducted by O’Keeffe & Company