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2009 CDW-G 21st-Century Campus Report: Defining the Vision


What is the 21st-century campus? To answer that question, CDW-G surveyed more than 1,000 college students, faculty and IT staff members to understand how technology is shaping American campuses and the educational experience. The annual report examines how student technology needs are changing, and how student needs are changing, and how campuses are – and are not – responding. This year’s survey also asks the higher education community to define the elements of the 21st-century campus. The resulting report identifies strengths and weaknesses associated with campus technology and recommends steps forward.


CDW-G Emergency Communications Report: Awareness and Progress Toward the National Emergency Communications Plan


When an emergency strikes, first responders must have access to real-time, situational information. Whether it is a major incident, such as a man-made or natural disaster, or a smaller-scale incident such as a traffic accident or building fire, cross-agency and cross-jurisdiction communication is not an option – it is a necessity. These communications need to happen seamlessly and immediately. Why then, does resilient, coordinated communication – a factor so paramount to the safety of citizens – remain the No. 1 challenge to providing timely and effective emergency services?


2009 Energy Efficient IT Report


CDW initiated this annual survey in 2008 to study IT marketplace attitudes toward energy efficient IT, barriers to its adoption and what differentiates successful implementations. The environment has changed significantly since a year ago. IT budgets are under pressure in the recessionary economy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued the first ENERGY STAR® standards for servers.


CDW Healthcare IT Checkup


To understand whether hospitals have the end-to-end infrastructure and clinical applications needed to be successful, the CDW Healthcare IT Checkup weighs the drive for increasingly sophisticated clinical applications against the data center and client technologies needed to enable them. Based on multiple indicators (strengths) and contraindicators (challenges), survey respondents evaluated and assessed the extent of their organizations’ clinical application programs as well as the underlying strength of their IT infrastructure.


The 2009 Federal Virtualization Report


“Waste” is a dirty word in a government agency, but it’s a word commonly associated with information technology resources. Take, for example, that a typical server only utilizes between 5 percent and 15 percent of its capacity. Fortunately, a battle won against waste saves money and improves productivity. For many Federal agencies, a chief combatant against waste is virtualization. To understand the state of virtualization in Federal civilian and defense agencies, CDW-G surveyed Federal civilian and defense IT managers in April 2009 regarding client, server and storage virtualization.


2009 CDW-G School Safety Index


Now in its third year, the CDW-G School Safety Index provides a nationwide, firsthand view of school safety issues from the perspective of district IT and security directors. Additionally, the index enables schools to measure themselves against a national benchmark. CDW-G expanded the survey to understand the steps districts are taking to strengthen security, protect wireless networks, and monitor buildings.


Connecting the Enterprise: 2009 Unified Communications Tracking Poll


In today’s economically challenging times, IT departments, big and small, are looking for ways to boost productivity and efficiencies, while managing operating costs. CDW Government, Inc.’s (CDW-G) new tracking poll, which surveyed 766 IT professionals who work on unified communications (UC) or component technologies in business, government, higher education, and healthcare, indicates that IT executives are working to integrate communications technologies to reduce costs and help grow the organizational bottom line.


2008 CDW-G 21st-Century Campus Report


How close are we to achieving the 21st-century campus? To answer that question, CDW-G surveyed more than 1,000 college students, faculty and IT staff members about their perceptions of campus technology. To help higher education institutions assess their own technology, CDW-G developed the 21st-Century Campus Online Assessment Tool. Using the same surveys from the national study, institutions can identify how faculty use technology and understand students’ technology expectations.


2008 Energy Efficient IT Report


Energy consumption and costs remain a top focus for Information Technology (IT) executives across all industry sectors. E2IT found that while most organizations care about reducing energy consumption – and that significant savings are realistic – success comes only with sharp, persistent focus on energy-efficient opportunities across the IT organization.


Get a Grip: The CDW-G Federal IT Asset Management Report


Managing information technology (IT) assets is a critical – but challenging – element of maintaining security, cost efficiency and controlled management of an information infrastructure. To understand how Federal agencies are tackling IT asset management, CDW-G surveyed 154 Federal IT decision makers to understand what IT assets are being tracked by Federal agencies, determine the benefits and challenges associated with tracking assets and define the next steps for improving IT asset tracking.


2008 CDW-G School Safety Index


Now in its second year, the CDW-G School Safety Index provides a nationwide, first-hand view of school safety issues from the perspective of over 400 district IT and security directors.


2008 CDW Telework Report


For 2008, the CDW Telework Report surveyed more than 1,800 private-sector and Federal government employees and IT professionals nationwide. Exploring the correlation between telecommuting adoption and such issues as IT security and business continuity, the CDW Telework Report is the first side-by-side comparison of adoption and IT support in both the private and Federal market.


This is a Test – This is Only a Test: Updating America’s Emergency Alert Infrastructure


In today’s environment, Americans anticipate emergency situations ranging from major storms to health threats and terrorist incidents. The need for mass notification systems that provide actionable information in an emergency has never been greater. The study, “This is a Test – This is Only a Test: Updating America’s Emergency Alert Infrastructure” investigates Americans’ perceptions of their cities’ emergency alert systems and their own emergency communication habits.


2007 Higher Education IT Security Report Card


The Higher Education IT Security Report Card 2007 is CDW-G’s third annual survey of higher education IT professionals. CDW-G surveyed 151 higher education IT directors and managers to examine the challenges they face as they implement security programs on campus. Quantifiable feedback is essential for raising awareness of security vulnerabilities that exist in higher education in order to create change in the community.


Technology Investment Curve: Mobility Edition


The CDW-G State & Local Government Technology Investment Curve is an assessment of public-sector purchasing behavior across all 50 states in the United States. The Curve provides an unbiased, objective assessment of purchasing behavior over four years. The Curve is based upon research from the Center for Digital Government and CDW-G sales data from 2003 to 2006. This is the fourth of several Technology Investment Curves, and focuses on mobility IT products.