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CDW’s 2012 Small Business Mobility Report


Small businesses are getting a competitive lift from their employees’ use of mobile devices, but most employees use their own devices, and small business IT managers are working to keep up. CDW’s Small Business Mobility Report surveyed mobile device users and IT management professionals across five small business industries to determine how mobile technology will change the small business landscape moving forward.


2012 Learn Now, Lecture Later Report


The traditional lecture model is the standard learning method in most American classrooms, but there is growing interest in new learning models that are encouraging students and teachers to “learn now, lecture later.” CDW-G’s new report, Learn Now, Lecture Later, looks at how technology is supporting the move to these new learning models.


CDW Data Loss Straw Poll


One in four organizations has experienced a data loss in the last two years. Many report breaches jeopardizing their email, network or other sensitive information. CDW’s Data Loss Straw Poll surveyed 654 IT professionals from business, financial services, healthcare and higher education about data loss and what’s still keeping them up at night.


2012 Energy Efficient IT Report


Think of energy efficiency as a multi-layer solution stack: hardware selection, consolidation, virtualization, design, cooling strategies and software. In its fourth year, the Energy Efficient IT Report provides solutions rating maps based on IT professionals’ experiences and identifies where organizations might find their next energy efficient IT investment.


CDW Healthcare IT Tipping Point Report


The number of new healthcare IT systems deployed to caregivers is staggering. Though caregivers report that these new systems are more useful in patient care, they also rate them as slower and harder to use. This new report explores how large hospitals are managing the balance between IT tools used by caregivers and the supporting infrastructure.


CDW-G Efficient Agency Report


State and local government agencies face continued financial challenges, among them the withdrawal of billions of dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding and revenue collections below pre-recession levels. Some states have reduced aid to local governments – some to a significant degree. Despite the challenging outlook, CDW-G’s Efficient Agency Report reveals that governments are finding new ways to save through operational efficiency. CDW-G examines how state and local IT professionals are maximizing resources and looks at how initial savings from four technologies proven to drive operational efficiencies can be used to generate still more savings.


CDW-G Federal Mobility Report


CDW-G’s new Federal Mobility Report examines how Federal employees use mobile devices today, the challenges they face and the benefits they enjoy. More than half of Federal employees use at least one mobile device at work, according to CDW-G’s research, and many are using personal devices.


Small Business Server Virtualization Roadmap


Server virtualization offers big benefits to large organizations with massive data centers, but what about small ones with only a handful of servers? Many small businesses feel they lack the money, the resources or the need for server virtualization. CDW’s Small Business Server Virtualization Roadmap provides a path forward for small businesses interested in virtualization, highlights the benefits small businesses see from virtualization and shares best practices from small businesses that have already adopted virtualization.


2011 CDW-G 21st-Century Campus Report


Now in its fourth year, the CDW-G 21st-Century Campus Report examines the role of technology in higher education. CDW-G surveyed more than 1,200 college students, faculty, administrators and Information Technology (IT) staff members to understand their perceptions of campus technology. In 2011, the report found that interactive technology offerings such as digital content, mobile devices and online learning are not only more important to the 21st-century campus – they are being used on campuses at an increasing rate.


2011 CDW-G 21st-Century Classroom Report


The 21st-century classroom is about using technology to engage and empower students and teachers. The 2011 21st-Century Classroom Report offers educational leaders the opportunity to hear directly from their students, faculty and IT professionals on how to create and sustain an educational experience that prepares students to succeed in today’s classroom and on tomorrow’s college campus.


From Tactic to Strategy: The 2011 Cloud Computing Tracking Poll


CDW’s first Cloud Computing Tracking Poll surveyed 1,200 IT professionals in U.S. organizations to determine where organizations are with cloud adoption, what benefits are driving adoption, what challenges still hinder progress, and recommendations for how organizations can successfully implement cloud computing. In the survey, we defined cloud computing as a “model for enabling convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned.”


2011 Video Conferencing Straw Poll


Video conferencing is quickly becoming a necessity for day-to-day business operations: at a moment’s notice, businesses have the same benefits of an in-person meeting without any of the associated planning or travel costs. For IT managers, the key to leveraging this collaborative technology is to justify the investment to senior management. CDW’s Video Conferencing Straw Poll surveyed 631 IT managers at businesses to understand video conferencing adoption, examine key drivers and identify implementation challenges.


Point, Click, Talk: The 2011 Unified Communications Tracking Poll


Unified communications – the convergence of enterprise voice, video and data services and software applications to achieve greater collaboration among individuals or groups and improve business processes – can reduce operating costs, increase productivity and facilitate decision making. CDW-G launched the annual Unified Communications Tracking Poll in 2009 to monitor attitudes, approaches and progress toward the adoption of unified communications (UC) technology.


Elevated Heart Rates: EHR and IT Security


Many healthcare organizations are driving to implement electronic health records (EHRs) during 2011 in an effort to capture early-adoption incentive payments. Patients have a stake in this transition because as more information becomes digitized, new processes, technologies and policies will be required to protect their information. EHRs are not inherently less secure, but they do have different security requirements.


2010 Physician Practice EHR Price Tag


With Meaningful Use incentives scheduled to start in 2011, physician practices are actively assessing the costs and benefits associated with implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. To aid these analyses, CDW Healthcare surveyed 200 physician group practices not currently using an EHR to establish the current infrastructure, EHR plans and expected impact of adoption.