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    • Charles Barkley Is Trapped

      In the newest twist on CDW’s “People Who Get IT” campaign, Charles Barkley is taking a break from Gordon & Taylor to head on a trip. But as he’s going through airport security, something goes awry with his smartphone and he’s trapped in the Internet. Fortunately, CDW and its partners are working hard to save Barkley.

      Charles Barkley Is Trapped
    • A Brief History of I.T.

      CDW continues to achieve success more than 30 years after its founding. While CDW has experienced tremendous growth, so has the IT industry as a whole. Click here to see a brief history of CDW and IT.

      A Brief History of I.T.
    • K-12 Connected Heat Map

      With ConnectED aiming to connect 99 percent of students to high-speed broadband within five years, CDW-G surveyed K-12 IT professionals to gain a better understanding of today’s classroom connectivity and lay the groundwork for the state-by-state, real-time CDW-G K-12 Connected Heat Map.

      K-12 Connected Heat Map
    • CDW Advances on the Fortune 500

      CDW now ranks No. 253 on the Fortune 500, the annual list of America’s largest corporations by revenue. Additionally, CDW placed No. 19 in Illinois and No. 4 in the Information Technology Services industry.

      CDW Advances on the Fortune 500
    • CDW Managed Services on Azure

      CDW is extending its proven managed services capabilities to Microsoft Azure. Every Azure implementation by CDW features essential managed cloud operations, enhanced with progressive services that align with and support Azure-specific capabilities.

      CDW Managed Services on Azure