2013 State of the Cloud Report

Cloud ComputingAn organization’s decision to move IT to the cloud is daunting because it is a wholesale change in sourcing and delivery of solutions. However, most organizations are planning to shift select capabilities there, and many already have. The decision is often influenced by technology trends, including the growth of bring your own device (BYOD), the consumerization of IT and ever-closer ties between technology delivery and business outcomes.

CDW’s 2013 State of the Cloud Report surveyed IT professionals to explore what factors drive the shift to the cloud, what types of applications organizations are taking to the cloud and what benefits (beyond cost savings) they are achieving.

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Key Findings

  • End user’s and IT’s experience with consumer cloud services is accelerating organizations’ cloud adoption
  • Cloud is breaking away from traditional IT decisions as it becomes a more business-driven decision
  • Cloud users cite cost savings, increased efficiency and greater innovation as key benefits of cloud
  • Across all industries, storage and conferencing and collaboration are the top cloud services and applications

Cloud is Bringing IT and Senior Management Together

  • Forty-six percent of cloud users* agree that non-IT senior management is more involved in the cloud decision than in other IT decisions**
  • IT professionals rank non-IT executives among the most influential managers on cloud decisions:***
    • IT Director:  61%
    • CIO/CTO:  55%
    • Non-IT C-level Executives:  37%
    • IT Manager:  32%
    • IT Administrator:  24%

*Those who are implementing or maintaining cloud computing, n=479
**Percent who somewhat or strongly agree
***Respondents asked to select the top three most influential management entities

What’s Raining on the Cloud Parade?

  • Security was once the primary roadblock for organizations implementing cloud computing, but cloud service performance and other issues are emerging as other concerns that slow adoption

Barriers to cloud computing adoption

*Respondents asked to select all that apply

Top Cloud Services across Industries

  • Among services and applications moved to the cloud, either storage or conferencing and collaboration topped across all eight industries surveyed

Cloud Computing Services and Applications by Industry


  • Tap a cross-section of your stakeholders for a thoughtful analysis of benefits and costs, and then select a cloud strategy consistent with your IT service fulfillment
  • Launch first with services that don’t pose unacceptable risks to your organization, aren’t business critical and where complexity of implementation is low – e.g., storage, UC, office productivity
  • Start planning today; understand your internal “cost to serve” per application, which will help determine return on investment (ROI) for public cloud solutions
  • Work with a software licensing expert to clarify and resolve issues affecting applications your organization wants to move to the cloud


CDW surveyed 1,242 IT decision makers in August and September 2012. The sample size results in a margin of error of ±2.7% at a 95% confidence level. The margin of error for industry sub-groups is ±7.9% at a 95% confidence level.