2012 Energy Efficient IT Report

Think about energy efficiency as a multi-layer solution stack: hardware selection, consolidation, virtualization, design, cooling strategies and software. In its fourth year, the 2012 Energy Efficient IT Report takes a new approach to identify the solutions that IT professionals say offer the greatest return in energy efficiency.

The report provides solutions rating maps based on IT professionals’ own experiences and identifies where other organizations might find their next energy efficient IT investment.

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Key Findings

  • Solution Savings and Solution Ease ratings maps provide insight into how IT professionals rank energy efficient solutions by current and future savings, as well as technical and management ease
  • Respondents report that 32% of their data center purchasing is green, and 43% report that green initiatives are a top driver for data center consolidation efforts
  • Cloud computing plays a larger role in energy efficiency, with 62% of respondents agreeing that cloud computing is an energy efficient approach to data center consolidation – up from 47% in 2010

It’s Easy Being Green

  • The average organization perceives the difficulty of implementing energy efficient solutions to be greater than it is – at least until they try and experience trumps perception


  • Understand your energy use: Implement software tools that measure current data center energy consumption
  • Explore the solutions ratings maps: Find solutions that offer your organization achievable savings from your next investments
  • Raise the issue: Share investment plans and savings projections with senior management to prioritize green initiatives


CDW surveyed* IT professionals across five industries in November 2011. The total sample size equates to a margin of error of ±3.5% at a 95% confidence level; individual industry samples equate to margin of error of ±7.9% at a 95% confidence level.

*Research conducted by O’Keeffe & Company